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Restructuring Tactics

Stabilize Operations Sometimes, bad things happen to good companies. Often times, a company is facing the dire crisis of being able to pay all their employees next month. Trimingham helps owners and management teams objectively analyze all obstacles, set attainable goals, and implement stabilizing actions.

Identify and Evaluate Options It’s important to identify and evaluate restructuring options without ‘sacred cows’ and emotion. Some management teams and owners keep unprofitable customers, products, factories and distribution centers without factual justification. With management teams, Trimingham helps develop criteria to distill options into realistic, workable plans.

Maximize Optionality with Detailed, Actionable Planning Keeping as many options open as late as possible improves the chances of a successful outcome. Offering a fresh perspective, Trimingham helps businesses through the hurdles of careful planning, to maximize its options every step of the way. Working closely with all operating groups in companies, we create plans that are realistic and actionable.

Execute against The Plan Implementing a plan with rigor takes the commitment of the owner/manager and the management team. Elbow to elbow with the owner/manager, Trimingham is a 100% committed partner to implement the plan.

Interim CFO In many companies, the weak link in the chain is the CFO. Trimingham's roster of experts includes consultants who are former Chief Financial Officers with industry and Big Four experience who can step into the shoes of the CFO for one to six months.

Management Consulting

Strategy The Internet is the biggest game changer in business development for leading edge positioning. In the face of this fast-paced environ, we work with management to develop new road maps, leveraging the core competencies of the business.

Optimize Customer Channels Rapid technological changes in the past decade have reshaped many customer channels. Working closely with the sales staff of companies, we can ‘finetune’ existing customer channels and evaluate new go-to-market strategies.

Maximize Cashflow, Working Capital and Cash These are the lifeblood of a company, yet many management teams don’t forecast because there are too many moving parts to the business. We help management implement 13 week rolling cashflow forecasting, cash conservation and working capital efficiencies.

Optimize Supply Chain With the growing complexities of materials management and product sourcing, many management teams find there are not enough hours in the day. From warehouse management to third party logistics, we help streamline supply chains and optimize logistics configurations.

Manage Overhead Cost and Contribution Margin Many companies have ‘choppy’ revenue streams, which make overhead cost management difficult. Through our contribution margin analysis tools, we help companies identify and manage product profitability, which flows into overhead cost forecasting and management.

Financial Advisory

Obtain New Financing Finding the right financing for your company can be time-consuming and stressful. We help owners sort through the myriad of lenders and investors to find the right balance.

Negotiate with Existing Lenders Knowing what lenders want is half the battle. Our long experience with lenders lets us ‘translate’ the company’s story so that lenders can appreciate the company’s perspective, and vice versa.

Find Acquisitions and Execute Divestitures Many acquisitions look good at first, but don’t survive the ‘acid test’. Numerous acquisitions fail. We can provide the ‘unvarnished’ facts about the potential synergies of an acquisition, to help owners avoid mistakes. For a divestiture, we help owners decide whether the target buyers are strategic or financial, then assist with executing the divestiture.

Trimingham, Inc. is a Financial Advisory Firm.

Since 1989, Trimingham has advised lenders and investors on middle market companies.